Meals and Drinks

Make your choice from our dainty dishes and tasty drinks and enjoy the healthy Japanese cuisine.

Teppanyaki Grill

Got to get fascinated by our Teppanyaki Grill. Even setting the table is a feast for your eyes. Sauces and dishes will be presented on fine china, neatly decorated ceramics or on red and black lacquer bowls.

Your personal cook will show you the selected fresh food in the raw state to transform it before our expectant eyes into a culinary delicacy.

Japanese cooks are real masters in handling sharp, sparkling knifes, they can expertly tame the flambé burner and twirl skilfully the salt and pepper pots over the grill.

The mild preparation of the food follows traditional recipes and preserves the natural taste and the colourfulness of the prepared food.


Tempura Dishes

Our guests can celebrate a small feast for the senses with the Tempura dishes, delicious fried food in a pastry crust.

The nearly crystalline fried beaten egg white surrounds aubergines, broccoli, zucchini or prawns and the yellowish golden en croûte colour mixes artfully with violet, strong green or orange-red of the food shining through.


Sushi and Sashimi delicacies

All the culinary delights culminate in our Sushi and Sashimi delicacies, made out of freshly caught fish or seafood.

A Japanese cook has to be trained for a long time till he masters the fish-cut perfectly, to guarantee that all the nuances of flavour will fully reach the taste buds and that all the delicious ingredients will form a unified whole regarding taste, composition, form and colours.


Admire the salmon and tuna flowerets lying next to little stars made of zander and yellowfish.

All our Sushi und Sashimi dishes always will be made freshly and all the used ingredients have to meet our high requirements. Only high-quality and fresh ingredients proved by experts will be accepted.

All single choice objects will be strictly controlled by our sushi master chef regarding perfection, freshness, colour, smell and cut. All our Sushi and Sashimi delicacies always will be made on order only.

Therefore we can ensure that this delicious, healthy and protein-rich slimming food will always be served in the same high quality and with a consistently perfect taste as desired by our guests.

Yamato Restaurant     Yamato Restaurant

Of cause we can offer you a wine list which perfectly matches with our meals. Fine beers and distinguished original Japanese drinks - special green teas, sake, plum wine (umeshu) cocktails - round off our fine selection of beverages.


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